THEATER DER KLÄNGE was founded in 1987 as a music and dance theatre in Düsseldorf. The theatre is an independent ensemble that sees itself as a professional artists’ theatre and develops new approaches to multi-media stage forms. Until today more than 100.000 spectators have seen the up to now 29 plays, which have been performed in 69 cities around the globe, in over 600 performances, including Berlin, Munich, Rotterdam, Paris, Avignon, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Moscow and New Delhi. The ensemble usually creates a new production each year and shows it first in Düsseldorf. Many productions then go on tour for guest performances. Since 1997, THEATER DER KLÄNGE has expanded its work to other media: two books, five video documentaries, a feature film, four DVDs, three music CDs and three audio books. Since 2021, the „Virtual Total Theatre of Sounds“ has existed online as an interactive “walk-in” theatre in the form of an archive with a theatre hall (complete performance videos), library, sound archive and video workshops. THEATER DER KLÄNGE has had its artistic office, workshops and rehearsal studio in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort since 1991. The ensemble has been continuously supported by the cultural department of the state capital Düsseldorf since 1987 and by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1991. Since 2019, Theater der Klänge has also been involved in mediation and audience development and, in addition to bi-national youth projects, is also active in Erasmus+ projects with several European participants as a partner organisation.