Body Architects


Body Architects is an interdisciplinary performing arts association with dance at its core founded and led by Hygin Delimat together with Marcin Denkiewicz. The range of activities include the touring Body Architects dance group, the Craft Choreography performance platform in Vienna, the Mind Culture Podcast, the Body Architects vlog channel, as well as participating in the European Erasmus+ Project Viral Visions. The Body Architects dance group (since 2015) consists of athletic movement artists of mixed backgrounds (contemporary dance, breakdance, tricking, parkour) alongside musicians, visual artists, and other artists who value research as part of their process. The repertoire of works include an outdoor performance-installation House Beating, a performance-exhibition Architektur + Tanz, physical theatre works The B-Team and Life Below Water and dance movies They Feel Like Home and DROP. The group has been touring internationally and presented in over a dozen countries in Europe and Central America. Body Architects are extremely physical in their expression and they are on a quest for revealing poetry in places where forms intersect. The Craft Choreography (2019-2021) was a bimonthly event dedicated to presenting short movement-based performances by young talented makers. It took place in Erbsenfabrik in Vienna as well as online. The Mind Culture Podcast (since 2020) is a contemporary knowledge exchange platform in a video podcast format. Today, it is an open-source database containing interviews with over 50 artists.