The Theater Development Foundation ‘New Wave’ [Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’] is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 in Warsaw by Agata Życzkowska. The Foundation aims is to promote and integrate the artists associated with the contemporary dance and experimental theater. We carry out dance productions and dance events such as The International Movement Festival U:NEW. We are interested in the exchange of experiences between Polish dance artists and such artists from Europe and all over the world. We run also workshops and projects for young people. We collaborates with several cultural institutions in Warsaw. The dance collective HOTELOKO movement makers operates within foundation. The collective was created by choreographer, dancer and actress Agata Życzkowska. HOTELOKO works mainly in the area of new choreography and dance experiment. The artists creates artistic, educational and social projects touching upon topics such as community, freedom, tolerance, ecology, human rights, education, and the city. They also works with foreign partners in cooperation with organizations and institutions from all over the world. The collective has produced several performances which were presented at festivals in Poland and abroad. The collective received the jury award “Coup de Coeur” for the originality of the performance “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers” at the 17th Quartiers Danses Festival in Montreal/Canada (2019)