Sprint & Salon in December 2022

Jean-Jacques Lemetre

As the second of our events under the title “Sprints & Salons”, we invite the musician and composer Jean-Jacques Lemetre, who has worked for the famous Theatre du Soleil in Paris for many years, to Düsseldorf. From 7 to 10 December 2022, Lemetre will lead a 4-day sprint workshop for professional musicians, actors and dancers. 
On the evening of 10 December at 6pm, the salon event entitled “Meet the Artist” will take place in our rehearsal studio.

Those interested in the workshop can still register by e-mail until 26 November 2022: info@theater-der-klaenge.de

The workshop aims to enhance the skills of all stage artists who want to seek, discover and explore their rhythmic, melodic and harmonic possibilities in their creative work.
Jean-Jacques Lemêtre draws on his experience as a music composer at the world-famous Théâtre du Soleil in Paris to question the theatrical act in its relationship to its environment. His approach calls for re-learning the rhythms of the body, the metrics of language and the mastery of space, alone or in a group, through a series of physical and vocal exercises and theatrical and musical improvisations.
Through the use of gait, movement, punctuation, breath, speed of speech, timbre, etc., everyone will first explore his/her own language in its particularity, not only through the voice but through the whole body.
The conception and deepening of the relationship between rhythm and theatre music will take place through collective and individual exercises that lead to a musical process of elaboration that is the motor for dramaturgies that link the empirical questions that arise during the work on stage with the big questions about the state of the world and its developments.
Jean-Jacques Lemêtre thus encourages us to go beyond technique by asserting, for example, the analogy between the problems of dissociation and the disharmony of the human being. This course is aimed at performers on stage, actors, dancers, singers or musicians and requires the development of dynamics, agility and depth.

In the public evening event on the concluding Saturday, 10.12., Jean-Jacques Lemetre will present himself to the audience as a multi-instrumentalist in concert. Following the approx. 30-minute solo concert, a work result from the previous workshop will be performed with all participants. Following these two performances, the artist as well as the workshop participants will be available for audience questioning/discussion.