L´espace was founded in 2005 by Giovanni Zappulla and Annachiara Trigili. The Choreographic Centre L’espace is a space for artistic production and confrontation. A propelling centre in which the Natural Movement Dance method comes to life and develops, the result of more than twenty years of dancers’ and choreographers’ work on energy, the body and movement. In this context, the Zappulla DMN company in permanent residency, creates an artistic environment of excellence that allows professionals, amateurs and spectators to explore dance in its most varied, sometimes unexpected declinations: choreographic platforms, performances and interdisciplinary public rehearsals. But also continuing education and internships with external teachers, conferences debates, video screenings, thematic evenings.

The Danza Movimento Naturale (DMN) method was created in 2005 by Giovanni Zappulla, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the choreographic centre L’espace. His long stay in France – at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Boulogne Billancourt and at the Ridc (Rencontres Internationales de danse contemporaine) – gave Zappulla a strong pedagogical imprint that pushed him to deepen the techniques and the path already taken by Isadora Duncan.The DMN method – born out of the collaboration between the choreographer and the dancer Annachiara Trigili – developed through the union of contemporary dance with music, Taijiquan Chen and Qigong.