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The Mind Culture Podcast (since 2020) is a contemporary knowledge exchange platform in a podcast format. Today, it is an open-source database containing over 30 long episodes – interviews with over 50 guests including artists such as Florentina Holzinger, Chris Haring, Simon Mayer, Soya The Cow and many more. The project is a peek behind the scenes of the performing arts world. It presents unique personal perspectives on arts and art production, discussions about art in crisis and arts politics. The guests come from diverse art genres (contemporary dance, performance, street dance, circus, drag…) and backgrounds (experienced, established, emerging, young, older, native, migrant…). The podcast is nomadic in nature, and thus, takes place in collaboration with various spaces in Vienna (Kulturhaus Brotfabrik, Kunst Haus Wien, MAK).

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Theatre der Klänge produces its own video podcasts for its own productions as well as video and audio podcasts of varying lengths on more general artistic themes and portraits in collaboration with sound design students from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

What about art and culture in the Corona crisis? What does the pandemic mean for cultural workers? What impact has the lockdown had on their work? Cultural workers tell us how they are experiencing the Corona period. Some of them have registered as unemployed, others speak of a “professional ban”. One musician even had to sell his guitar for the Hartz IV needs test. The artists accuse the politicians of forgetting about the cultural sector. They think: Society has a responsibility for art and culture. (in german language)

Frederik Schreiber or “Schlakks” is a rapper. He is part of the “REKORDER” collective in Dortmund. Frederik Schreiber is mainly interested in language. He also likes to perform live in front of an audience. Together with a group he runs the club “REKORDER” in Dortmund’s Nordstadt. Accordingly, the Corona pandemic hits him hard. Frederik Schreiber talks about his creative process and his fears. It annoys him that the cultural industry is having such a hard time in the pandemic. For Frederik Schreiber, Germany is not a “land of poets and thinkers”. The term hasn’t been appropriate for a few years now, the rapper thinks.

Mathias Nelles is a live musician from Cologne. In addition to hits in dialect, he also plays rock and Irish folk classics at his concerts. Mathias Nelles reveals how the Corona crisis has changed his work. He hardly ever performs live in front of an audience anymore. The live musician thinks little of streaming concerts: interaction with his fans is very important to Mathias Nelles. He also talks about his financial situation. Mathias Nelles lives almost exclusively on bridging allowances and short-time workers’ benefits. He asks himself: Can politics support independent cultural workers any longer?

Podcast – Viral Visions – Warsaw – Agata Życzkowska about HOTELOKO movement makers / VOL.5

Short description:

The podcast includes the strategies and ideas about the HOTELOKO movement makers collective from Warsaw, especially about the performance “Extinction: Replay” but also general information about the works of HOTELOKO.

Length: 4:51

Photo by Marta Ankiersztejn